Sunday, July 01, 2007

The PR Princess

Immediately after her death Tony Blair called Diana 'the people's princess'. As tremendously sholcked the Brittish people seemed to be by her unexpected, but spectacular lethal accident, allegedly caused by paparazi trying to hunt her down, just as soon the memory of Diana seemed to have waned. Already in the first summer after her death the expected droves of visitors - needed to pay for the construction and maintenance of the tomb massively stayed away. The Diana industry never really took off.
Luckily Diana's children have a genetically inherited sense of publicity as well. Well aware that today almost any cause is a good excuse for a globally broadcasted pop concert, they organized an huge concert in Wembley Stadium, for the benefit of charity, of course, but doubtedlessly also aimed at rekindling the love and memory of Diana and the reanimation of the almost defunct Diana industry. So, on your way to one of the many festivals, don't forget to visit Diana's grave, and please buy some mugs, t-shirts, posters, photographs and other parafernalia.

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